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The dark side of opportunities: Tips that can help you to stay focused on achieving your goals.


Once you know what you want to achieve and once you have defined your goals. How can you motivate yourself and stay focused so you won’t lose your way to opportunities?

For instance, imagine that your dream is to create your own company in three years time and suddenly you have an opportunity to make that happen. If this opportunity gets you closer to achieve your main goal, then you shouldn’t think twice and you should take it. For example, it might be a job in the same industry that you want to do business in the future with your own company or a part time job that would allow you to make some money to accelerate the development of your own business project.

Often those “opportunities” may seem very tempting and difficult to let them pass as it can bring an attractive new source of money, or maybe it can be an opportunity to travel around different countries or it can even mean a way of developing your own ideas or personal interest…

What is important is to have clarity that if you have decided to grab that opportunity you should ask yourself: Is this opportunity helping me to achieve my main goal?

Sometimes we grab any opportunity we have had without noticing that we’re getting away from reaching our original goal. For example, an initial plan of 3 years might now become a 5 or a 10 year plan, depending on how much you have deviated from the original plan. In the worst case scenario it’s possible that you’ve moved away so much from the main goal that you don’t see any solution on how to go back to the path of achieving that original plan.

In many cases we tend to forget that we’re the ones that can shape our own future with the decisions and actions we take TODAY.

These five TIPS can help you to maintain your focus on the goal you want to achieve:

  1. Defined what you want to achieve.
  2.    Make an action plan with reachable goals.
  3.    Surround yourself with positive people, people that inspire you and people you admire.
  4.    Learn from others: What have those people had to do in order to achieve their goals?
  5. Ask yourself daily: What activities have I done today that help me to achieve my goals? And if you haven’t done anything about it: Why don’t I feel motivated to work towards my goals?

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