C&O is an non profit organisation that supports Latin American people living in the UK by promoting education and community development through mentoring and coaching; providing guidance and promoting events in order to assist them to integrate into the British society. Our four departments (Marketing, HR, Finance and Operations) work together to offer an outstanding service to our beneficiaries, partners and volunteers, following the Charity Act 2011 regulation and the Charity Commission legislation.


Volunteer Hours


Events Done


Develop programmes and spread information that enable the community development of all Latin American community living in the UK in order to achieve immediate and lasting positive change in their lives and a sustainable society.


All Latin American community living in the UK have the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential by participating in and contributing to all aspects of a sustainable British society.

Our Values

Development / Training



Service to Community


Good Stewardship


Integration / Inclusiveness



The sustainable development of the Latin American community living in the UK.


Development opportunities:

At C & O we value the skills of our volunteers and beneficiaries, we give them the opportunity to reach goals within the organization through the discovery and potentialization of hidden skills. From communicating easily with different cities, to accessing e-learning programs and to getting work experience. We prepare each member to participate fully in a modern country. C&O wants to make sure that all Latinos have an opportunity.


Providing Connections:

We strongly believe in the network and very appreciate each person we meet either on the bus, in the que or at work. We are professionals working together to discover and develop professionals. We create the space for you to meet like-minded professionals, opportunities givers, storytellers and sharers. C&O wants to connect all Latinos.

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